2013 BC Provincial Boys A Volleyball Championships

Tournament Package

Congratulations on qualifying for the 2013 Boys ‘A’ Volleyball Provincial Championships.  We are really excited to be hosting this event. Please read through this information and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call. 

Tom Veenstra
250-746-3654 ext. 307

1) Dates: Thursday, November 21 – Saturday, November 23, 2013

2) Where: Duncan Christian School

3) Tournament Program Photos: Please provide a high quality team photo. Please insure that all player numbers are visible. Team photo is due on Monday, Nov 11th --- earlier would be nice – use 300 dpi

4) Coaches Meeting @ Wednesday, Nov 20th, 8:15 p.m. at Duncan Christian School. Agenda will be circulated in advance of the meeting.

5) Wednesday, November 20 Practice Schedule: Wednesday practice times will be available in one hour increments.  Teams will be assigned times on the basis of travel distance and request.


Court A

Court B

























6) Team Photo Session: The team photo session - Wednesday, November 20 from 4:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m.  All teams are required to have their team picture taken during this time. Team Photos and Action shots will taken by www.islandlifephotographics.ca Island Life Photographics

7) Opening and Closing Ceremonies:   Thursday, November 21 at 9:30 a.m. Attendance required by all teams. Opening and closing Ceremonies are at Duncan Christian School

8) Tournament Schedule: The tournament schedule will be emailed as soon as all teams are confirmed.

9) Format: 2 pools of 6 teams. Top 4 Teams qualify for play-offs.

10) Accommodation: Go to www.duncanchristianschool.ca and click on the provincial logo, select boys provincials, click on Info for Teams. A number of local hotels/motels/inns are listed with their price and contact information. Any questions, please ask Tom.

11) Banquet:  > Friday, November 22th – 8:00pm @ Travelodge Duncan (140 Trans Canada Highway, Duncan, B.C., V9L 3P7)
                        > All teams are required to attend
                        > Cost: $25 per person
                        > Banquet includes dinner, entertainment, draws for prizes, etc…

12) T-shirts: These T-shirts are an attractive souvenir of the 2013 Provincial Championship.  The price is $15. The price of a hoodie is $27.50 and will be available for pick up on Wednesday during registration. T-shirts are provided by Falcon Crest Imaging. Download Form

13) Door Prizes: We will need your help.  All teams are asked to contribute 2 items.  T-shirts are okay.  The value should be no more than $15/prize.

14) Tournament Entry Fee: $350 per team

15) Registration Form:  Please complete the form and email to: tveenstra@duncanchristian.com (Tom Veenstra) - Download Form

16) Uniforms: All teams will be asked to observe the Canadian Volleyball Association uniform code.  Team members shall be dressed in a jersey and shorts of the same color. (Not some black shorts and some red, etc...)

17) Inquiries: Please contact Tom Veenstra at Duncan Christian School - tveenstra@duncanchristian.com

BC SCHOOL SPORTS - Sport Commission Meetings


  1. BC School Sports update
    • They are enjoying their new building at Fortis in Burnaby.
    • The building has a fitness training center, sports facilities and other Provincial Sport Organizations are also renting space.
    • There are also hotel rooms for rent in the building.
  2. Insurance
    • BCSS spends 56,000 $ a year for insurance that covers all of our zone and provincial championships.
    • The other way that we are insured is through the School Protection program from our own districts.
  3. Sanctioning of events
    • If we are playing teams outside of BC, we must fill out the sanctioning forms. Those forms can be found on line with BCSS.
  4. Statutory Declaration
    • More and more people are not telling the truth on these forms. They have to be notarized, to swear that you are indeed telling the truth about where their players live. If you are caught lying, it is a criminal offense of perjury.
  5. Eligibility info
    • They are creating a brochure for parents to help them understand how eligibility works.
  6. Fundraising
    • Subway and BCSS have created a great fundraiser for schools. It is a card selling program, the Subway discount card costs 10$ with 70$ of savings. School gets $8 and BCSS gets $2. Huge deal for us!!!!!
  7. Via Sport Travel grant
    • Schools that attend the Provincial Championships will be again receiving a check from Via sport to cover travel costs. You DO NOT have to do anything. I simply give them a list of who qualified for Provincials and they have a formula and send a check to your principal depending on how far you have to travel.
  8. Population numbers
    • This is causing a small problem for some zones because the Tiers numbers that were used were numbers provided from the ministry from last year and since then some schools have amalgamated, changed or had grades added so their designated tier is incorrect. But this is being corrected on a school by school basis.
  9. Sports Day in Canada
    • Schools are being encouraged to have "Jersey Day" at the end of November.
  10. Zone Play offs
    • Zone reps are urged to check and verify that team rosters from their zone match registration with BCSS. It has already happened in other sports where teams have had to withdraw from the playoffs due to ineligible players. It is the job of the zone rep to verify rosters before playoffs start to avoid heart ache.
  11. BCSS A.G M
    • May 10th, coaches are encouraged to attend but if you can't make it on-line voting will now be available. The details of how it would all work will be provided later in the year.